Keratherapy Keratin-infused Argan oil in Dubai

Keratherapy Keratin-infused Argan oil in Dubai

Argan Oil is the instant cure for any bad hair day. The Keratin based oil coats and penetrates hair, providing elasticity, extra condition and reflective shine. Creating a natural barrier against humidity, it dramatically reduces frizz in a weightless and non-greasy formula of Omega 3 Oils, potent Antioxidants and powerful Vitamins.


  • Eliminates frizz and helps tame flyaways
  • Hydrates instantly without adding weight
  • Smooths hair and adds shine
  • Helps heal damaged hair

This Keratin Infused Argan Oil is rich in nutrients to restore and protect the hair. Keratherapy Argan Oil

Argan Oil: Packed with antioxidants and Vitamin E repair hair to make it smooth, soft and shiny.

Keratin: Revitalizes the hair’s natural protective layer, adds strength, restores elasticity and reduces breakage.


Apply on clean damp hair. Put a few drips into hands, rub together to evenly distribute and smooth onto hair from mid-lengths to ends. Style as desired or air dry. Apply on dry hair for shine, condition and to tame fly-aways.

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